Jesse Lohman

Human-Computer Interaction & Design Double Degree MSc student fascinated by human behaviour and how to design for humans. Focused on combining design, theoretical background and prototyping into the best User Experience.

Jesse Lohman

What I Love Doing

User-Centered Design

A design process always starts with an enquiry into the user.


From paper prototypes, to interactive visual/physical prototypes with Adobe XD, Axure RP, Unity, or Arduino.

Graphic Design

I like to express interesting, useful, and pleasing graphics both in static imagery as in animated work.

What I Want to Do


The world is dominated by the visual sense with a supporting role for audio. However, touch seems to be forgotten sometimes, even though it can be just as important. My courses that covered multisensory interaction, have made me enthusiastic about this topic. That is why, I would like to work on connecting the digital world to the physical one, through haptics.

Virtual / Augmented Reality

As the technology is still relatively new and improving, there are a lot of opportunities for new use cases. Just as with haptics, this technology gives us the possibility to add an extra dimension to an experience compared to the non-immersive 2D digital devices that we mostly work with.

Why I love Doing This

For me, it is exciting to work on the crossroads of different fields, and with my interests, I can combine several. First of all, I enjoy designing, as it gives me a creative outlet. It is a lot of fun to be able to create. To create, you also need to make it work and that is where my interest in programming and electronics come in. Nothing is more satisfying than to design something, build it and then suddenly it works. It’s a neat bit of magic. Of course, you cannot just design blindly. There will always be a human user involved, which you need to account for. I find it fascinating to learn about human behaviour and how it applies to design.

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